Esau Blevens

Washed up young singer - who once had a dream.


Esau Blevens, Mummy

Corporeal Forces – 2
Strength – 5
Agility – 3
Ethereal Forces – 1
Intelligence – 3
Precision – 1
Celestial Forces – 3
Will – 5
Perception – 7

Advantages: (18pts)
Charisma(Handsome)/2, Status(Musician)/3, Blessed


Skills: (10pts)
Area Knowledge(Edmonton)/3, Artistry(Musical Instrument)/3, Dodge/1, Driving/1, Fighting/1, Knowledge(Musical Theory)/3, Knowledge(Songwriting)/1, Singing/5, Swimming/1

Songs: (6pts)
Healing(Corporeal/1,Ethereal/1,Celestial/1), Nemesis(Celestial/1), NC

Artifacts: Guitar/1 (Summonable)

Character Points Remaining: 0


You see a somewhat disheveled, yet still attractive young man of average height and weight. One would guess that he is probably somewhere in his mid- to late twenties, with a clean shaven face and spiky mop of dirty blond hair. His dusky blue eyes seem to fix on something in the distance more often than is necessary, and one can never tell whether his full attention is in any conversation. The way he carries himself implies a sense of hidden confidence that only truly shines when he opens his mouth to sing. He seems to be a reasonably quiet soul, occasionally humming something to himself as if trying to solve a musical puzzle that no one else can take part in.

Esau Blevens

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