In nomine
Background Music: “Adolescents” by Incubus.

No one who pays attention to celestial matters ever claims to know where events of great import will be beyond doubt. We can make reasonable guesses, take actions that push certain responses, even engineer happenings among humanity. But only a fool claims to really know what will be.
And if they do? Well, let’s just say that if predestination does exist, it sure doesn’t care much in giving warning to either Heaven or Hell.

Many Angels and Demons live and perform their tasks in the city of Edmonton, and they find varying degrees of satisfaction there, either serving Heaven or Hell – or simply serving themselves. And though they all have a fairly clear idea of the big picture (as far as either Heaven or Hell see it), no one in the city ever dreamed the that the scale of events would be so staggering, nor that it would take its origin both from the lost regions of the Marches, and Heaven and Hell’s greatest kept collective secret.

Despite this, our story begins with a motley crew of beings, each involved with their own comings and goings, with shaping lives and hearts with their actions and intentions – and though they do not realize it now, they will be the ones destined (or fated) to involve themselves in what could be the greatest cataclysm the Symphony has ever known.

The city of Edmonton.
It is the November 30th, 2015, and winter has begun in earnest.
It will be remembered as the year when the skies turned to brass.

My name and title are given as “the Recorder,” and i will be your narrator.

Brass Skies

Downtown skyline edmonton alberta canada 01a Tselsebar Shanaynay Wrathsbane